Terms of use

Selling electronic cigarettes and e-liquid is prohibited to minors and is not recommended for pregnant women.

If you have never smoked, don't start.

You should use E Cigarettes and accessories for the reason for which it was designed, and between the other : do not disassemble the battery.

Use the original charger, there is a risk of explosion if you charge the battery with another way, or the charger is not suitable.

If in doubt about your battery, spray or other accessories, we are at your disposal to advise and help you.

Do not use e liquids of questionable quality or sold on the street !

Concerned about the quality of the products offered for sale, Vap O' a Chic choice and test the best E-Cigarette and E - liquid and international market.

As an IMPORTER / authorized DISTRIBUTOR for INNOKIN, we guarantee the product ORIGIN, do not mind !

Our E-Liquid elements, the most important thing, all this is achieved by using pharmaceutical grade components and natural flavors or foods.